Harare and Kampala: A Tale of Two Cities

“So far like the present period” Very superficially, Zimbabwe and Uganda have a lot in common.  Both (with some politically driven exceptions) are quite close to the UK in cultural and society terms; and both are striving to retain or retrieve a reputation for growth, strength and [...]

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Uganda: Back to the future?

Uganda is, in many respects, a remarkable success story. From a country wracked by a succession of avaricious leaders and a civil war, it has been regarded - since 1986 – as a bastion of stability, relative prosperity and a key partner in the promotion of regional [...]

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Zimbabwe: Old faces, new solutions?

Zimbabwe's political context is conditioned almost entirely by the President's (apparently rapidly) failing health; and the jockeying around him for power and influence - both in the near term; and with an eye to future political (and in the case of the wider Mugabe family, legacy and financial) [...]

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Political Economy Analysis

Political Economy Analysis (PEA) is… …about people Although often billed as a mapping of events and institutions, it is really people who shape both.  (Although there are times when even the best intentioned people are unable to overcome the effects of a poorly conceived programme or an inappropriately [...]

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The African Union at Fifty: Peace and Security

Fifty years since its original inception, the African Union (AU) reflects a significantly changed African and global environment. Its predecessor, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), established in Addis Ababa, on 25 May 1963, was dedicated to combating colonialism, promoting the economic and political future of Africa, defending [...]

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