Peace Support Operations: Whose security and for what purpose?

Everyone knows what a Peace Support Operation (PSO) is – we’ve all seen it on TV. Intense deliberations in a high-level forum leading to a resolution by a representative international body to “do something”. Harried and sometimes exhausted looking negotiators ironing out wrinkles and soothing opposition. Discussions about mandates. [...]

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Ethiopia: We need to talk about Tigray

More questions than answers on the way forward for Tigray.  But hope is not a good basis for strategic planning and wishing that the problem would go away is pointless.  In such a context, results cannot be bought - rather grown over time.  But the humanitarian clock [...]

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The African Union at Fifty: Peace and Security

Fifty years since its original inception, the African Union (AU) reflects a significantly changed African and global environment. Its predecessor, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), established in Addis Ababa, on 25 May 1963, was dedicated to combating colonialism, promoting the economic and political future of Africa, defending [...]

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Global security and security sector development in Africa

Insecurity in Africa is increasingly acknowledged as a threat to global security. But tackling it often prioritises the interests of the international community at the expense of people in Africa and the Continent’s long-term stability. The nature of the threat is rarely traditional and military [...]

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