Merging DFID into the FCO doesn’t have to be all bad

Boris Johnson has announced the merger of DFID into the FCO.  He cites the need to fully integrate all arms of foreign policy into a single coherent whole as his motivation. But the characterisation of DFID as a lone wolf or a “cash point in the sky” is [...]

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C19’s silver lining?

COVID-19 (C19) is throwing out the normal rule book; and causing everyone to have to think again about what they do, how they do it and why.  There has been a rapid re-purposing of almost everything, demanding a much sharper clarity of purpose.  Resources are being aligned to the [...]

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Political Economy Analysis

Political Economy Analysis (PEA) is… …about people Although often billed as a mapping of events and institutions, it is really people who shape both.  (Although there are times when even the best intentioned people are unable to overcome the effects of a poorly conceived programme or an inappropriately [...]

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